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FREE Video Training Series For Mums on how to build  stronger glutes

The Secrets To Building Stronger Glutes During and After Pregnancy

It's one of those things that nobody tells you, but pregnancy and early motherhood leave you with very flat and unconditioned bum muscles. So in this video training series I'm going to coach you through why it's important to re-build your glutes as well as take you through where to start and how to progress.

The Get Cheeky mini-course is designed with busy mums in mind, offering short videos plus emails bursting with helpful info that you'll be able to apply to everyday life, whether that's at home lifting your little one or at the gym lifting a barbell.


Better Lower Body Strength

Better glute strength means less strain on your back and pelvic floor when you have to lift and carry heavy things (like children). 

Improved Core Stability

Believe it or not, your glutes play a vital role in core stability when they work in conjunction with the abdominal muscles. Strong glutes also help with posture and pelvis alignment.

Boosted Confidence and Mental Resilience

When you have a strong booty you're able to lift and move heavy objects with more ease, which brings a huge sense of confidence in what your amazing mum body can do!


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