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Louise Hurley

My mission is to help mums prioritise their fitness and their physical and mental health through expert coaching and a supportive, motivating community.

I believe that once you've experienced pregnancy, you'll forever be post natal. Whether it’s been 6 weeks or 6 years, no matter how long ago you had children it’s possible to still experience injuries resulting from pregnancy and birth. These usually include:

  • Pelvic pain

  • pelvic floor dysfunction (including pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence hypertonic pelvic floor and more)

  • Tummy muscle separation (diastasis recti)

  • Wrist pain

  • Knee pain.

I can help you to safely return to exercise and restrengthen your body from the inside out so that you can start to feel more like you again.

We sweat, we feel the burn, we train hard but we get there safely.

My Story

Prior to doing the awesome job that I get to do now, I was awarded with undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in psychology, followed by an eleven year career in clinical psychology and mental health research. I'm originally from the UK and emigrated to beautiful Australia in 2013. A few years later I welcomed my daughter to the world... and all of my priorities turned upside down! 

I had a strong desire for a career change to better suit my family’s new lifestyle and with a lifelong passion for movement, I was eager to explore new qualifications and a new career in the fitness industry.

When my second child was born prematurely, after only 27 weeks of gestation, I spent a lot of time in the neonatal intensive care unit. During this time I met many mums who shared with me their different postnatal experiences. I began to realise that there were gaps in postnatal education and follow-up care that could equip mums to return safely to their everyday movement within their busy lives. It was this journey that inspired me to refine my skills and specialise in fitness for mums.

In 2017 my third child- my business, Strong Mums- was born! I studied further to achieve Safe Return to Exercise accreditation, I became a MumSafe™ trainer and later on became an accredited Pregnancy and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist. Since the launch of Strong Mums I’ve helped hundreds of women safely return to the exercise and movement they love. I’ve developed close working relationships with many women’s health physiotherapists and recommend that all mums seek an assessment, no matter their stage of motherhood. 

Now, I’ve merged my skills in mental health with my passion for pregnancy and postnatal movement by creating the Body Resilient Mum Project.


Accreditation & Awards

BSc, MSc Psychology

Cert III & IV Fitness

MumSafe™ Trainer

Safe Return To Exercise Accredited

Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, CES

MumSafe Trainer of the Year 2022


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The Latest from the Blog

The Anti-Bikini-Body Movement

There’s NOTHING wrong with wearing a bikini or wanting to wear a bikini. I love my bikini, it’s my go-to swimwear when I head to the beach.

When I refer to being anti-bikini-body, what I mean is saying a big F off to the belief that only one type of body is worthy of wearing a bikini.

Five Tips for Reducing Back Pain

We often feel the strain of motherhood in our pelvic floor, shoulders and back. I get so many mums come to me with stiff and sore backs. It’s my job to teach them things they can do to minimise their back pain and gegt stronger so that they can avoid future aches and pains.

The Body Resilient Mum Project

By now you probably know that what you see on the internet and social media isn’t real, it’s filtered or digitally edited, it’s posed and curated and doesn’t represent real life... and yet sometimes we still feel like our bodies fall short of current beauty standards after scrolling through social media.

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