Training With Strong Mums


Small Group Training $28/w

We offer classes for every level of fitness and stage of motherhood. There’s no pressure to keep up with everyone else, you can go at your own pace and stop to attend to your little ones whenever you need to.

Classes are:

Monday 5:30-6:30pm

Tuesday 9:30-10:30am

Wednesday 9:30-10:30am

Thursday 9:30-10:30am

We train on Gosford Waterfront (Mason’s Parade), in between Gosford Sailing Club and Gosford Olympic Pool and we have an alternative wet weather location for those drizzly days.

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Personal Training


If you feel as though you would like a little more 1:1 attention and coaching or you just don’t feel ready for joining in with group fitness at this point in motherhood, then PT is for you. It’s perfect for if you’re overcoming birth related injuries and want to include your specific rehabilitation exercises into your workout. It’s also a great way to become more educated in strengthening your pregnant or postnatal body (no matter how long ago you gave birth)

Your first session will include an assessment of posture, thoracic and ribcage mobility, abdominal separation, overall strength and an in-depth chat about pelvic floor functioning as well as assistance with goal setting and connecting you to a women’s health physiotherapist (if you do not already have one). Each session thereafter is focused on working towards your individual goals alongside any rehabilitation work recommended by your women’s health physiotherapist.

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Online Training $28/w

The Active Mum Project is an online membership designed for mums who:

-Work from home (early morning and lunchtime classes are perfect for this)

-Need to move their body without leaving the house

-Prefer to workout at home

-Are at ANY stage of motherhood

There are twelve LIVE online classes throughout the week, Monday to Friday including boxing, HIIT, strength and yoga, and all led by experienced and knowledgeable MumSafe trainers. You can be confident your individual needs will be met. You're invited to join in as many classes as you want. You'll get help finding a women’s health physiotherapist near you (if you’d like to see one, which we highly recommend) as well as having access to hundreds of recipes for nutritious meals, so that you can fuel your amazing body.

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