Helping mums become stronger from the inside out.

We're committed to helping you safely return to exercise, no matter what stage of motherhood you're at.

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Ready to become a Strong Mum?

Whether it’s small group training or 1:1 PT, you’ll join a community of other mums who are welcoming, motivating and supportive.
We’ve got the knowledge and experience to help you return to exercise safely, no matter how long ago you had your baby.

Small Group Training

Connect with other mums while getting stronger, fitter and healthier. 

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1:1 Personal Training

Safely work towards your specific goals with one on one coaching.

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Online Training

Work from home and still fit in a training session without leaving the house.

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Hi, I'm Louise!


My mission is to support mums in building their strength, fitness and confidence through expert coaching and a supportive, motivating community.


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Want to get moving but don't know where to start?  

Let me help you.

1. Get In touch so we can chat about you

Tell me more about you, your situation and what you need. I'll point you in the right direction of where to go and what to do next. We're in this together, I've got your back!

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2. Find A Women's Health Physiotherapist

Whether you had a baby 6 weeks ago or 6 years ago, it's never too late to see a women's health physiotherapist.

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3. Book a trial for group training, personal training or try our online membership

The best way to find out whether Strong Mums is for you is to try a group class either face to face in the park or online.

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What can you expect from a Strong Mums class?

We offer classes for every level of fitness and stage of motherhood, especially if you experience birth related injuries such as pelvic organ prolapse, abdominal separation, tail bone pain, sacrum or pubic bone pain, sore writs, back or knees or you experience bladder or bowel leaks when you run, jump, cough/sneeze, laugh or lift something heavy.

There’s no pressure to keep up or be at a certain fitness level, you can go at your own pace and stop to rest or attend to your little ones whenever you need to.

At Strong Mums you can count on three things:

1) We'll communicate with your women's health physiotherapist to ensure your rehabilitation exercises are incorporated into your training sessions.

2) Your individual needs will be met. No pregnancy or birth story is ever the same, therefore your return to exercise will be different from everybody else. 

3) You'll be made to feel welcome. Feeling like you're part of the team, being listened to and supported in your achievements and challenges is essential for motivation.

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Nicole, mum of two

"Having tried other exercise groups designed for mums, I can hand-on-my-heart say Strong Mums stands miles ahead from the rest.."

Jess, mum of two

"Strong Mums is absolutely fantastic. Lou is an amazing trainer who knows how to care for and strengthen postpartum bodies. "

Chloe, mum of three

"This experience has been more than I bargained for. My mental health is better than it has ever been, along with my physical health and I have made some incredible friendships along the way."

Sam, mum of three

"Lou is absolutely amazing! I love how she is able to tailor each workout to your own individual goals and capabilities."

Zarah, mum of two

" Lou takes such a strong and genuine interest in your postnatal recovery. Her focus on safely returning to exercise and functional movement is central to her training. She really knows her stuff."

Liz, mum of four

"Joining Strong Mum's has been the best decision I made for myself this year. From the first moment I spoke with Louise I knew this was the right trainer and group for me."

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is show up.”

- Brene Brown

You don't have to be a certain level of fitness to be a Strong Mum. You might not have exercised for years and it may feel intimidating to start something new.

Simply showing up is the first step.

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FREEĀ Video Training Series For Mums on how to buildĀ  stronger glutes

The Get Cheeky mini-course is designed with busy mums in mind, offering a short videos plus emails bursting with helpful infoĀ that you'll be able to apply to everyday life, whether that's at home lifting your little one or at the gym lifting a barbell.

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