The Active Mum Project

Effective, convenient and fun! The Active Mum Project offers twelve online classes Monday to Friday led by experienced MumSafe trainers. Our classes are all run live, which means you can interact in real time with your trainer so that you get coaching and immediate feedback during the workout when you need it most. The classes are short enough to fit into your lunch break or your little one's nap time, but effective enough to get you smashing your goals and making you feel invincible for the rest of the day!

If you're ready to AMP your fitness, AMP your strength and Amp your confidence... try the Active Mum Project out for a whole week, free.

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Meet Your Trainers

Louise Hurley

As a Pregnancy and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist and MumSafe Trainer with a career background in clinical psychology, Louise’s mission and passion is to help mums improve their relationship with their body through movement and mindset.

Louise is the owner of Strong Mums on the NSW Central Coast. 

Emma Bunting

Emma is an experienced and knowledgeable MumSafe trainer who is passionate about helping mums return to exercise at all stages of motherhood. Emma believes all mums should have the opportunity to return to exercise safely after having a baby. 

Emma is the owner of Motivate Mums on the Sunshine Coast in QLD. 

Lisa Mitchell

Lisa specialises in Pre and Postnatal fitness, driven by her passion for supporting Mums. With 8 years as a PT and a Mum of 3, she understands the need for personal time. She focuses on building strength from the inside out so you not only feel stronger in your workout but in everyday life too.

Lisa is the owner of Lisa Mitchell Training based on the NSW Central Coast

Amanda Comerford

Amanda specialises in fitness and wellness for mums, driven by her passion for helping women reclaim personal time amongst life's demands. With 5 years as a PT and as a single mum of three neurodivergent children, she understands mums' challenges. Amanda is owner of Mums Run the World Fitness & Wellness Centre, Bracken Ridge and Narangba, QLD.

Live online classes, Monday to Friday

The great thing about the Active Mum Project is that there's no pressure to attend every class. So those weeks when you feel flat out with mum life, family life, social life and work, you can dip out and go slower… and those weeks when you feel like you're ready for a gentle push to move more, you can join in with as many classes as you like. All classes are recorded and easily accessible so you’ll never miss out.

Delicious recipes bursting with flavour

Making a nutritious meal should be more than just a bowl of lettuce, but it should also be quick and simple, especially when you’re a busy mum. In the Active Mum Project you can find heaps of delicious, nutritious and more importantly, easy to make recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Stop counting calories and start counting colours!

Weekly Accountability Calls 

Every week we get together as a group online to chat about your progress, celebrate your wins and troubleshot your challenges. It's an excellent way to stay accountable and get the support you need to keep motivated and keep reaching your goals.




  • Unlimited live classes Monday to Friday with expert coaching from MumSafe trainers.
  • Access to hundreds of delicious recipes, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, sweet munchies and smoothies.
  • Your guide to making your own fortnightly meal plan.
  • Regular check-ins from your trainer to help you stay on track with your training and keep you accountable.
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"I love these classes! I've not had my awful backpain for months now. Thank you to you and your team, you've made such a difference to me!"


"I love the recipes in the Strong Mums Hub! They're so easy to follow and always turn out great. I love how they're full of sneaky veggies so that the kids eat it too!"


"If ever I need to move my body on my lunch break or if I'm stuck at home with the kids, I know there'll be a great class scheduled in the Hub. If I miss it I do the recording of the class- I love that about the Hub. No excuses!"

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